The 70mai M500 dashcam is a hassle-free addition to your car’s safety arsenal

The traffic light turns green, and you’re just about to move ahead but out of a sudden, a food delivery rider zooms out across you, completely ignoring the traffic light. Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, that’s almost a daily occurrence for most drivers these days.

In the wild wild west of the Malaysian roads, having a dashcam in your car is almost a necessity these days but with so many options on sale, which and how do you choose? Well, if you’re looking for high-quality video recording, with hassle-free operation while also packed with extra features, then the 70mai M500 might be something you’ll want to look at.

The 70mai M500 just screams high quality from the moment you unbox it. The neat packaging, with the dashcam unit displayed front and centre in the box, makes it feel almost as though you’re pulling out a brand-new iPhone from the box.

Included in the packaging is everything you need to get going, and the built-in eMMC storage of the 70mai M500 (up to 128 GB) means you won’t need to purchase a microSD card separately. Aside from just convenience, it also promises to be less prone to errors, reducing your chances of experiencing the dreaded “memory card error” issue.

The plastic crowbar tool and simple instructions (with illustrated diagrams) makes it incredibly easy to DIY the entire installation process – even for those who aren’t too handy. What truly makes the M500 stand out from the crowd, however, is its incredible painless set-up process.

Going from first power-on to its complete functioning state took no more than five minutes, with the 70mai app guiding you through the set-up process with step-by-step instructions. Once finished, the dashcam will automatically begin recording, quietly behind your rearview mirror (thanks to its small size) every time you start the car.

On the mention of recording, the 70mai M500 boasts a new sensor that can record at up to a resolution of 2592x1944p, or 2.5 times clearer than your regular 1080p HD video. There’s also a new 170-degrees extra wide FOV lens assembly that minimises blind spots from your recordings – with a view that covers up to five lanes wide!

Combine that with a wide f/2.0 aperture, means that you’ll get bright and clear recordings no matter rain or shine, both in the day and at night.

A built-in GPS is to be expected on a high-end dashcam these days, but the 70mai M500 further extends the feature’s usefulness with a map view right inside the 70mai app to easily keep track of your journey. There’s even a Cyberpunk-esque overlay that can present additional data such as your vehicle’s speed, the speed of the car ahead, and even pedestrians warning right on the video footage itself.

For the car enthusiasts who prefer driving older vehicles, the 70mai M500 can even double as an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) suite, with features such as forward collision warning (with new pedestrian detection), lane departure warning, and front vehicle departure alert built right into the device itself.

There’s also support for 70mai’s Bluetooth tyre pressure monitoring system device (sold separately), with no need for a separate device to clutter up your dashboard!

With the optional Hard Wire Fuse Kit (sold separately), the 70mai M500 can even act as a parking surveillance camera, which automatically setts off an emergency video recording whenever the built-in G-meter detects sudden movements in your car. 

Alternatively, you can also opt to enable time-lapse recording, which condenses 30 minutes into one minute of video recording, enabling long-periods of continuous parking surveillance that takes up only 1/30th of the storage space of a normal recording! 

Intrigued? The 70mai M500 can be found at all 65 Ninjaz outlets nationwide at RM439 for the 32 GB version, and RM479 for the 64 GB version. A 128 GB option will also be available soon.

Alternatively, the M500 is also available on 70mai’s official Shopee Mall store (linked here), where you can also find special deals exclusive to the online store. Be sure to check it out before ongoing promotions run out!



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