2022 Geely Binyue looks ready for space – 3-cylinder engine to be dropped

Following the recent facelift just under a year ago in July last year, images of yet another new iteration of the Geely Binyue (Proton X50 for you and I) has surfaced online.

Despite it being rumoured to be an update/facelift, the Geely Boyue sports a completely different front-end design – almost like a brand new car. It even comes with a completely new pair of headlamps that are slimmer and sharper.

As for that front grille, is Geely trying to challenge BMW in terms of grille size or have they been secretly taking notes from Lexus’ spindle grille?

At the rear, the changes are just as dramatic. While most of the lower half remain largely the same, including the diffuser design and the quad-exhaust tips, the top half of the rear section looks much more futuristic than before. In fact, with the new lightbar that’s connected to the taillights, it looks like most modern cars revealed in the last two years including the Kia Carnival MPV, Porsche Macan and 911, and the Lexus UX to name a few.

The biggest news though, has to be the 3-cylinder engine which is rumored to be dropped due to lack of interest from Chinese replaced by a new 4-cylinder unit. The engine capacity remains at 1.5-litres, but the X50-to-be will be making more power at 180 hp.

The change towards a 4-cylinder is rumoured to be down to emission regulations while some sites have reported that the 3-cylinder engines have received poor response from Chinese customers. More to come!

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