JPJ plans to introduce e-testing for learner drivers by next quarter

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) is planning to introduce a new method to test students in obtaining their Class D licence, moving to an automated driving test or “e-testing”.

JPJ Director-General Datuk Zailani Hashim told reporters that the system is currently undergoing trials and is expected to be launched in April, in conjunction with the department’s 76th-anniversary celebration. One key benefit of the “e-testing” approach is the speed of the test results.

“Those taking their driving test through this system will be able to get their results immediately, compared to the previous two-week waiting time,” he said.

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While the driving licence test is based on the current measurement of six points such as parking, starting from an ascend (slope test) and three-point turn. However, instead of being seated next to students in the car, JPJ officers will be observing the students from a control room. The process will be assisted by a variety of cameras and sensors. The on-road test will still proceed without any changes.  

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Presently, six to seven officers are required to evaluate students when they take their test and with “e-testing”, the personnel count is reduced to just two or three. Datuk Zailani said the manpower can then be delegated to other tasks such as enforcement.

Several driving schools have been testing the new system and will be implemented gradually with the 232 driving schools nationwide free to take up the e-testing application from service providers. Similar “e-testing” systems have been adopted in countries like Japan and South Korea.

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Upon passing the practical driving test, drivers will have the Probationary (P) licence for two years before moving to the Competent Driving Licence or CDL.  

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