Driving school in Dubai uses Bentley Bentaygas to teach, RM33k for 20 hours!

Around the world, driving schools and institute offer basic, entry-level cars to teach the basic skills of driving, which is fine as the majority of new licence holders are virgins behind the wheel.

But what if your household or you yourself is getting something more powerful, far more superior than the usual mainstream cars, such a Tesla or Range Rover.

In Dubai, where the population of luxury cars is higher than the usual, the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) offers the Platinum Driving Course where you get access to luxury vehicles for your driving lessons.

EDI’s Platinum package allows customers to choose from Tesla Model X, Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne and even a Bentley Bentayga. The company saw the potential in offering such a service as powerful vehicles with 300 hp and above behave differently from the usual fleet of Toyota Camry and Nissan Almera training cars.

Discerning customers also get to learn features in the luxury vehicles, such as the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The Platinum Driving Course comes with higher fees too, where a 20-hour course equates to USD8,000 (approx RM33k) or three times more than a course with mainstream cars.  

Having this platinum fleet has positively help EDI, where the company now sees 50 lessons a month, compared to just 10 during their earlier years of operations. International superstar DJ David Guetta also took the package with EDI earlier this year. They are now offering lessons with a MINI Countryman just for the ladies.

On the topic of improving your driving skills, BMW Malaysia did offer the BMW Driver Training programme which happened two to three times a year at Sepang International Circuit. However, due to the venue’s busy and packed schedule as well as the on-going pandemic, driving courses have been temporary halted.  

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia meanwhile held a few sessions of Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience at the circuit too, but the training and experience event is usually catered towards owners, unlike BMW which is opened to non-owners as well.


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