Research says more people are ditching white for grey paint jobs on their new cars

A vehicle’s colour communicates both the individuality of one’s vehicle, as well as highlighting the specifics of a model, such as Nissan Navara Pro-4X in Stealth Grey and the bright yellow Perodua Myvi 1.5 with the ‘Lagi Power Lagi Best’ tagline.

On the final week of 2021, automotive coating specialist Axalta has again provided statistics of colours chosen by customers for their new rides via the Colour Popularity Report. White, although at a decline, continues to be on top thanks to it being favoured by fleet sales as well as looking great in pearlescent finishing.

In fact, separating solid (21%) and pearlescent white (14%) shades see the latter still in the top 4 most popular colour globally.

However, Axalta noted that vehicle buyers in 2021 are selecting grey paintwork more, perhaps thanks to the added availability by automakers. The company noted that preference for grey increased by four percentage points worldwide compared to last year.

For the third year in a row, grey colour tops the list of new vehicles in Europe at 27%, while being second in Africa, North America, Russia and South Korea. Grey is also very prevalent on Compact/Sport and Medium/MPV models in Europe at 30%.

With a large majority of premium and luxury vehicles associated with black, this shade continues to see strong demands in North America, Europe and China, all hovering at 20% popularity. Silver continues to be in the single-digit percentage points, leading blue (8%), red (5%) and brown/beige at 3%.

Russia and India however see the largest percentage of brown/beige paint finishing on their vehicles at 11% and 6% respectively.


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