You people just love white cars, don’t you?

When you’re out and about the next time, take a quick look out of your window. Chances are, more than three of the first 10 cars you see are white. No, we’re not just making this up – for the 10th consecutive year running, white cars has once again outsold any other colours, making up 38% of all cars sold globally in 2020.

This data comes from Axalta, who draws on data from every country where consumer automobiles are produced and provides detailed production data. Second place wasn’t even close, too, with black standing at 19%, followed by grey at 15% and silver at 9%.

More than 80% of all cars sold in 2020 were essentially monochrome between black and white. It’s not until number five on the list that you get some colour on the list, with blue taking 7% of the pie, followed by red at 5%. Every other colour makes up the remaining 7% of all cars sold last year.

Axalta mentions that there was an increase in green-based hues in cars this year, “in sync with the latest home, fashion and product trends”. Despite the undeniable fact that green is definitely the best colour, the hue of nature stands only at a puny 1%.

The recently-unveiled Toyota Vios GR-S is only available in white or red.

Compared to the data collected last year, grey seems to be the biggest gainer, improving by 2% from 13% to 15% this year, and is at a 10-year-high. Meanwhile, black is still the most popular choice in luxury vehicles, despite carmakers like Rolls-Royce constantly putting out flashy colours for customers to pick from.

We still can’t get our heads around why white cars are so popular. Could it be due to the fact that car buyers think about resale value too much – thus creating a vicious cycle, or are people just too afraid of living a little? If you have any idea, do let us know in the comments below.


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