Honda Civic, BR-V now available with Platinum White Pearl colour option

Honda Malaysia today introduced a new colour option, named Platinum White Pearl, for the 2020 facelifted Civic and BR-V models. The new exterior hue, first introduced in the country with the 10th Generation Honda Accord and Odyssey facelift, will replace the existing White Orchid Pearl.

Honda Malaysia managing director and CEO, Toichi Ishiyama, said that the change was made in response to market reaction and customer feedback following the launch of the Accord. “White Orchid Pearl is a popular colour among Honda customers, accounting for 38% and 25% of the total sales for the 10th Generation Civic and New BR-V respectively.

“When we introduced the Platinum White Pearl colour in the Accord early this year, we saw good market acceptance with this colour accounting for 33% of the sales of the model. We are extending this colour to the C-segment leader and the refreshed Full 7-Seater Crossover in response to customer feedback.”

As with the previous White Orchid Pearl colour, the Platinum White Pearl hue is also a premium option, priced at RM272.73 for both the Honda Civic and BR-V. The new colour is now available on the Civic, while the company expects to start deliveries of the Platinum White Pearl BR-V in November.

In response to the sales tax exemptions announced by the Government which will be in effect until the end of the year, Honda has released the latest updated price list for all of its models available here in Malaysia, which you can find here.


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