Trouble at Ulu Yam again – this time a classic E36 BMW 3 Series falls victim

It’s never easy to witness accidents but even more so when the car concerned is one that is dear to us. As you know we’ve aired several episodes from the Project EJ36 video series on YouTube and with every upgrade, the attachment with the car has gotten stronger.

The incident took place in Ulu Yam according to the Instagram post and based on the front dashcam footage, it looked like nothing more than a slow and peaceful morning session between man and his machine.

That’s until a Proton Preve showed up and ruined the morning, the day, and perhaps the car; forever. The caption in the post read, “Closing another chapter.”

Along with the footage of the accident, the owner of the black BMW E36 also posted several images of the damaged car. One of them, with the owner by the side of the wreck, really hits the feels. You can just feel his pain and despair from the picture.

The innocent classic and its owner – we feel your pain.

Just like the Toyota Yaris vs Proton Wira accident that took place a few months back, it looks like another severe case of understeer caused by the vehicle carrying excessive speeds through the bend. In fact, it could be the exact location in Ulu Yam where the Yaris collided into the Wira.

Unlike the Yaris incident, this time it has wiped out a great classic. It’s hard to see where the finish line is for this madness; it may be someone’s prized possession now, the next could be a life.


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