The Go is a suitcase-sized power bank for your EV, adds up to 64 km of range

We could see this coming as prospective customers always mention range anxiety as their barrier to purchasing electric vehicles (EVs). As charging takes time plus limited spots, the next best solution is bringing the charger and battery to the EV.

ZipCharge has just unveiled the Go at the ongoing COP26 UN Climate Conference, a portable EV charging unit that combines hardware, software, machine learning and innovative ownership models to bring affordable, practical EV charging to the masses.

The Go, in essence, is a power bank for EVs that require just that additional charge should the next journey require more travelling. ZipCharge also caters to a specific vehicle usage pattern in the UK, where four in ten car-owning households do not even have designated curbside parking.

This is Volkswagen’s robotic power bank and even comes with a grin when it empties itself!

As such, the ability to drag along the suitcase-sized Go portable EV charger is quite a blessing. The Go, fitted with the necessary cables and software, is said to provide between 32 to 64 km of range (vehicle dependent), which is sufficient for everyday needs and enough for the average commute in the UK. Charging cost using the home domestic socket (to charge up the Go) is also lower than at public EV chargers, an aspect where ZipCharge is clever to highlight.

It only takes up to 60 minutes to fully charge the Go. For those who are incredibly well versed with charging rates and time, the Go can even generate revenue for the owner by selling the energy back to the grid via the bi-directional AC-DC inverter.

The MoF of Malaysia has proposed that individuals be given a tax relief when installing home EV chargers. More about Budget 2022 here.

ZipCharge is planning to offer the Go for as little as GBP49 (approx. RM278) per month or outright purchase. Owners can also customise the colours and finishes to match their EVs. This power bank surely hits the right note for urban dwellers who want quiet, zero-local emission personal mobility without the hassle of locating public chargers.



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