Yes, the BMW M3 is indeed PDRM’s new steed [UPDATED]

[Update 8.50 pm: The new vehicles are now confirmed to be “technical evaluation” units, according to photos taken outside the Selangor PDRM’s headquarters]

The internet was set ablaze this morning, with photos and footages of a new police-liveried BMW M3 spreading like wildfire on social media and instant messaging apps.

Due to the lack of official communications from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), many understandably had doubts about the whole ordeal, wondering if it’s just props for an upcoming Malaysian movie. The livery on the side that says “Polis High Performance” certainly doesn’t help instil any confidence.

But as it turns out, the new cars are indeed meant for official police use… if a Facebook post by user Nornikman Mesri is anything to be believed. “Eight nights without sleep… these are not movie props,” the post read.

Nornikman Mesri is the founder of Armorblaze, the firm that helped install the liveries and body protection wraps for the new cars. According to his Facebook post, there were a total of five vehicles that received the new PDRM liveries – the BMW M3, two BMW X3s, and two Volkswagen Tiguans.

The Honda Civic Type R was also recently seen sporting PDRM liveries! Read more about that here.

And if you’re still in disbelief, here’s something that should put your doubts to bed: When the new police cars left Mesri’s premises, there were even uniformed police present to escort the new cars out! We’re certain that movie props will not get the same treatment. Check out the video for yourself here.

PDRM recently also received over 1,200 new patrol vehicles, consisting of 197 Proton X70s and 1,078 Honda Civics! Check it out here.

There hasn’t been any official news from the police thus far, although we presume that it’s because they have yet to install the necessary equipments (such as VHF radios) for their official duties.

New photos that surfaced online have now shown that these vehicles are indeed designated for “technical evaluations” for the Selangor police’s escort guard division (Cawangan Pengawal Pengiring) – all that’s left are the official confirmations from both PDRM and BMW Malaysia!

[Source: Nornikman Mesri/Facebook]



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