All-new Ford Ranger teased again, revealing new taillights

To keep the interest alive and distract potential buyers from placing an order with Mitsubishi or Isuzu pick-up truck models, the marketing communications team at Ford Asia Pacific have added another image of the upcoming all-new Ford Ranger.

The teaser package this time consists of a static image plus a video, revealing the tail lamps and some key features. We managed to spot a shark fin-type radio antenna on the roof, integrated side steps, followed by rear disc brakes as well as an integrated sports bar.

The design of the LED tail lamp on the all-new Ford Ranger also follows suit with the recently launched Ford Maverick ‘compact’ pick-up in the US. Other similarities include a trim piece on the front fenders and a contoured tailgate.

Ford will be road testing the vehicle in Australia as the global testing program come to its final legs. As such, instead of applying camouflage that distorts shapes and curves, Ford has opted the opposite.

The 2022 Honda Civic Type-R also previewed with a unique camouflage. Check out the red with white and black highlights design here.

The designer of the all-new Ranger’s unique Bronco R-inspired block-style camouflage, Lee Imrie, and his team used the science of optics to mask some of the key design secrets until it is fully unveiled later this year.

The camouflage is also designed to capture attention at night, thanks to its unique reflective patterns.  

Early last month, Ford Asia Pacific official released a video of the all-new Ranger going through test driving on sand, mud, rock and even snow terrain, highlighting its strong performance overall off-road conditions. Ford will also be updating information on the all-new Ranger via the ‘#NextGenRanger’ on social media pages.  

The Ford Ranger still has plenty of life in the US, with the company kicking off limited-edition schemes. Check out the memorable Ranger Splash here!

This all-new Ford Ranger is also an important product for Volkswagen, as the German carmaker is partnering with Ford to jointly develop the next-generation Amarok pick-up truck. Volkswagen’s model is only due a year later in 2023, after the Ranger’s official launch.


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