The all-new Isuzu D-Max is proving to be quite the crowd favourite here in Malaysia, with orders for the pick-up truck growing by more than 100% compared to its predecessor, mirroring the model’s success in other regions such as Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Since the third-generation D-Max was launched here in Malaysia back in April this year, Isuzu recorded an average booking of over 1,200 units every month. For context, the average monthly bookings for the previous-generation model hovers around the 500 units range.

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Isuzu Malaysia attributes the growth in sales to the truck’s new good looks, new and improved features, and the brand’s reputation for reliability. “This all-new D-Max phenomenon that has swept the various markets has been somewhat overwhelming,” said Isuzu Malaysia Chief Operating Officer, Masayuki Suzuki.

The 1.9-litre Premium (Auto) is the most popular variant among new Isuzu D-Max owners, with 36% percent of buyers in Malaysia opting for this variant. Surprisingly, the variant is also particularly popular in Peninsula Malaysia, which chalked up 61% of sales, reversing the traditional 60/40 split where East Malaysia usually absorbs a bigger share of pick-up truck sales.

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Isuzu says that the reason for the variant’s popularity in urban areas boils down to the smaller 1.9-litre engine, which results in a lower road tax.

Meanwhile, the range-topping X-Terrain variant soaked up 17% of the orders. Despite its premium on the road tax front, more than half of all X-Terrain sales have come from the Peninsular, as urban buyers appreciate the addition of the advanced driver assistance systems, and the upmarket and refined cabin of the range-topper.

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In fact, the company says that 81% of its new owners have stated that they would utilise their new pick-up trucks for both work and leisure – workhorse truck no more!

“The response to this new model has been extremely positive, considering the limited opportunities prospects have had to fully experience the new model due to the strict movement controls and safety protocols.

“Our current aim is to ensure the smooth, safe and timely delivery of vehicles to our customers despite the various administrative and logistical concerns faced domestically and globally,” added Suzuki.