Nissan will be debuting a new line of Nismo off-road parts for the all-new 2022 Nissan Frontier (Navara, for you and I) which includes a bunch of accessories such as lighting and even a rooftop tent.

The Nismo rooftop tent is large enough to accommodate two people with a thick wall-to-wall mattress. For better ventilation, the tent even comes with three ‘windows’. Included with the tent is a 6.9-foot ladder and a tent cover.

The rooftop tent can be easily attached and detached from the Nismo overland cargo bed rack that’s made of powder-coated steel.

To enhance visibility while off-roading in the dark, there’s also a Nismo 4-inch lighting for even more powerful illumination, get it?

It has an output of over 3,000 lumens and is made using a waterproof aluminium housing with pressure equalising vents. It only draws two amps of electricity without affecting the car’s electrical system.

The 2021 Nissan GT-R Nismo gets the company’s latest logo and the gorgeous Stealth Grey colour. Check it out here!

Lastly, there’s also a Nismo catback exhaust system made of stainless steel because whether it’s off-road or on-road, there’s never a bad time for some raunchy exhaust noises. The muffler delivers a deep exhaust tone without excessive droning noise within the cabin.

The Nismo muffler comes with a polished tip, with Nismo letterings laser etched on it.

Existing items are still available, such as the Nismo wheels with Nismo valve caps, Nismo offroad front bumper, and Nismo off-road suspension.

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