Geely has updated the Boyue (Proton X70 in Malaysia) with a new variant simply called Boyue X. The range-topping Boyue variant already features a different front design, interior and taillamps compared to the Proton X70, which is based on the older 2018 model.

Unlike the new Xingyue L or facelifted Binyue/X50, the Boyue X ditches the ‘Expanding Cosmos’ grille styling and replaced it with a rather aggressive array of pointed edges in gloss black, spanning the entire height of the front fascia.   

Geely says the design of the new front bumper takes styling cues from the Geely Starburst concept, which is perhaps just limited to very certain elements. The Geely Boyue X is also the first model to carry the new design language.

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Orange is used as highlights in the fog lamp trim, side moulding as well as front and rear brake calipers, replacing the red used on this March’s Boyue Asian Games Edition. An uninspiring wheel design in gloss black completes the Boyue X’s new look.

At the back, the lower portion of the bumper has been reprofiled to fit a new reflector as well as a diffuser in silver. The trim in between the taillamps also sees a gloss black finish to match the front bumper and wheels.

Behind the new fascia which looks like a mixture of Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield and Lexus’ Spindle Grille, the Boyue X continues to be powered by a 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired with a 7-speed DCT. Similar to the Proton X70, engine outputs are 184 hp and 300 Nm of torque.

Inside, a rather different theme is adopted, with white upholstered seats contrasted by a dark blue upper half cabin. A further distinction is applied via orange and white threads on the double stitching found on the seats and door panels. An enhanced ambient lighting feature is also fitted in the Boyue X, with the passenger section having an illuminated decorative pattern on the dashboard.

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The Boyue X features a more premium looking dashboard that is also used in the Boyue Pro. The driver gets exclusive a 12.3-inch instrument cluster and similarly-sized infotainment system with Bose premium audio.

Launched last month, the Proton X70 Special Edition used the multispoke rims from the Boyue Pro, thus, could we see the orange highlights being used for the next Proton limited edition? The interior certainly looks much better than the X70 which has its original styling penned in 2016.