The Geely Boyue Asian Games Edition comes with a new Lotus-tuned chassis!

While most special edition models are usually just a styling update exercise, Geely’s new Boyue Asian Games Edition comes with more than just additional aesthetic flair. Curiously though, Geely has given the new special edition Boyue model an updated chassis that even comes with the famed “Lotus Ride & Handling” treatment – we’re not complaining, just jealous that we can’t get it here on our Proton X70!

Unveiled as a commemorative model for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games (which Geely is one of the main sponsors), the Chinese-exclusive Boyue Asian Games Edition comes equipped with a new rear subframe that is said to be 25% lighter, yet 20% stiffer than the one it replaces.

The updated chassis is paired to a new suspension with tuning courtesy of Lotus – which Geely now owns – and as a result, Geely says that the handling and even off-road performance of the Boyue has been improved on this special edition model.

As for looks, Geely clearly took a few pages out of Proton’s design books for the Boyue Asian Games Edition, most noticeably with the Proton “Infinite Weave” grille, and the Geely script across the rear tailgate in place of the usual Geely logo – both previously seen on the Geely Boyue “Million Model” Edition.

Just like the Proton X50 and its Chinese cousin Binyue, the Asian Games Edition model here also gets a red stripe surrounding the front grille – but the red accent here is more coherent with the rest of the design of the car, with the front fog lamp housing, side skirts, and brake calipers all getting a touch of red-coloured flair.

Beyond these changes though, the rest of the car is pretty much identical to the regular Geely Boyue sold in China (not the Boyue Pro). Underneath the bonnet is an unchanged 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine making 184 hp and 300 Nm of torque, and can be paired to either a six-speed manual or seven-speed DCT gearbox.

While it’s certainly unusual to see such drastic changes made on a special edition model, and of an older model at that, these modifications would certainly entice the driving enthusiasts and Lotus fans – I, for one, would love to see it being brought over to our Proton X70 one day!



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