Inspired by the message “Take what you need, give what you can”, Petron Malaysia and its dealers now have over 190 food banks located in their petrol stations.

This is the second year Petron Malaysia has set up food banks at their petrol stations and are delighted to partner with Petron dealers in showing compassion and exercising its corporate social responsibility.

Members of the public have also donated items under the “Jom Bantu Food Bank and Community Table” initiative, which hopes to ease the burden of those severely affected financially by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, many economic sectors and micro-economies are still not open.

The full list of service stations with the community pantries can be found here. The list has not been updated with locations in Sarawak.

Petron also collaborated with KPJ Healthcare with the launching of eight KPJ food banks at selected petrol stations, the first being the Petron New Larkin that was opened on July 23rd.

“The response has been overwhelming. The food bank initiative allowed us to connect with others, creating stronger community bonds while contributing to society. It is not all about money or popularity, but being able to be that someone who makes a person looks forward to tomorrow with hope,” expressed Petron New Larkin Johor Bahru, Dealer, Cik Azura Abu Bakar.

The community tables are stocked with rice, sugar, flour, cooking oil, eggs, biscuits, noodles as well as canned and dried foods. Basic personal care items such as soap and toilet paper are also available.

A petrol station in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah even supported the local farming community by sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables from them and then handing them out to the people in need.

Users with the PMiles loyalty card can further contribute to Petron Malaysia’s food and necessities donation scheme under the “PetronMyKasih Jom Derma” programme, where P-Miles points donated will be converted into cash and vested into MyKasih Foundation.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA) Johor, Petron petrol stations in the Southern region are also food bank collection centres where the public may donate food and essential items. MDTCA will then distribute the items accordingly.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia contributed vehicles, equipment and cash to further strengthen the fight against Covid-19. Details of the CSR activity can be found here.