Old-school Proton Saga Knight reimagined for the 21st century by Malaysian designer!

By now, you probably would’ve already seen the world-famous award-winning Proton Saga Knight that’s been making waves around the internet. While the car still has its unique charm, its 70s design is undeniably quite dated-looking, especially when put alongside the other modern cars on our roads today.

So in an effort to keep one of Malaysia’s most iconic cars on the road, former Proton designer and MIMOS (National Applied R&D Centre) design head Saharudin Busri took matters into his own hands by redesigning the Proton Saga Knight, replete with modern design touches from the 21st century – and the results are just, wow!

All of the classic Saga most iconic features are still present in this redesign concept, including the flat nose, Aeroback C-pillars, squared-off wheel arches, and even the classic steely wheels. But with a bit of imagination, these old ideas have transformed into a completely modern look, fit for even the latest EVs.

The Proton badge has evolved a lot over the years, from what you see here, to the roundel logo we have now. Take a look at its history here!

At first glance, the front of the reimagined Proton Saga Knight seems to have taken on the looks of a Volkswagen Golf GTI, especially with the red strip running between the headlights. However, Saharudin has also incorporated some of Proton’s own modern touches into the concept, including the now-iconic “ethereal bow”, in the form of the daytime running lights.

The same full-width treatment has also been applied to the tail lights, terminating into a slim vertical lighting stack on both ends. Completing the exterior makeover are the Proton Knight stickers, which works surprisingly well here with just a slight tweak to its design.

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Where the concept differs slightly from the original Proton Saga though, is in the car’s roofline silhouette. While the Saga’s Aeroback styling (a Proton original design, by the way!) is unique, it doesn’t really gel too well with the other modern design touches.

For the redesign, Saharudin instead gave it a more regular coupe-like rear-end, with a more exaggerated spoiler at the boot lid to bring out a bit of the original Aeroback spirit.

More than 35 years later, the Proton Saga is still the default choice for many Malaysians. Check out our full review of the third-gen Proton Saga 1.3 Premium here!

The same concept is applied to the interior as well – taking old ideas, but rehashing it to fit in a modern context. For example, the dashboard still retains the same boxy motif, though the entire top of the dashboard is now replaced by a full-width display – much like the Honda e.

And if you’ve ever spent time in a classic Proton Saga before, you’ll definitely remember the weird looking twin-spoke steering wheel. The same design has been mirrored on Saharudin’s redesign concept, though lined with a red exterior around the rim – and for some reason, we think it really works here!

The concept was designed specifically for Saharudin’s upcoming Computer-Aided Industrial Design Software (CAiD) seminar, organised by the Malaysia Industrial Design Society (PEREKA).

Saharudin will be sharing about his design experience, knowledge, and techniques on creating concept car designs during the seminar, alongside the full unveiling of the completed 3D model of the ‘Proton SAGA Knight – a new generation’ concept, so be sure to check out the live broadcast of the seminar on Merdeka Day, August 31!

More information about the project and seminar can be found on PEREKA’s Facebook page, or via Saharudin’s Facebook (saharudin.busri) and Instagram (saharudindesign) pages.



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