Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTI looks absolutely epic with classic BBS wheels!

The Volkswagen Golf GTI nameplate is steeped with heritage – it’s arguably the car that defined the “hot hatch” category, with a history spanning nearly 50 years. So for its latest Enthusiast Fleet model, Volkswagen USA went back in time, specifically to the Golf GTI Mk2 – the first and only generation to be built in the States – to look for inspiration.

Working together with Jamie Orr, a Philadelphia-based VW aficionado (and pretty much the guy to call if you’re looking for aftermarket VW modifications), Volkswagen managed to come up with this – the Golf GTI BBS Concept, based on another enthusiast-build Mk2 GTI.

Check out the Volkswagen Arteon Big Sur – another stunning entry in VW USA’s Enthusiast Fleet!

If you’re familiar with the brand BBS, then the name is pretty self-explanatory. On top of the retro BBS red and black livery, the car is of course fitted with a set of 19-inch BBS Super RS wheels, featuring the brand’s iconic multi-spoke (or “waffle and hex”) design in silver and gold.

And to give it the old-school racer look, the VW Golf GTI BBS Concept also gets a set of lowering H&R coilovers, of which the fronts have been redesigned to give it some additional camber adjustments. For finishing touches, the GTI BBS Concept is also fitted with a Borla exhaust system, the first made for the new GTI, which Orr describes as “just a step beyond” the stock system.

On the other end of the modification spectrum, Manhart has given the VW Golf GTI a Rolls-Royce-like interior! Check it out here.

“We wanted to maintain the soul of the Mk8, so we went with more traditional modifications. But we left the interior, body, and powertrain exactly as it came from the factory,” Orr said. “Take those wingback seats, with this striking red design – they are just phenomenal. Changing any of that would have been a shame.”

Volkswagen Enthusiast and Motorsport Marketing Specialist, Sean Maynard added: “We try to do most of the modifications to the exterior and leave the interiors stock on the enthusiast fleet vehicles. That way, someone that might not have any experience with the Brand can still get a true feel for the vehicles.”

The VW Golf GTI Mk8 promises even better handling with its new Vehicle Dynamics Manager. Learn more about it here.

The Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTI is powered by a reworked EA888 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder mill, generating 245 hp and 370 Nm of torque to drive the front wheels. The GTI is offered with both a manual or DSG dual-clutch transmission, though actual availability will – as usual – depend on region.

With the Mk8 VW Golf and Golf GTI already launched in the neighbouring Singapore, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see them on our roads – and rumour has it that they’ll be locally-assembled right here in Malaysia. Keep your eyes peeled as we bring you the latest developments!



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