The Volkswagen Arteon is one handsome fella, there should be no dispute there but a group of Volkswagen enthusiasts wanted more so together with Volkswagen USA, here’s what they came up with.

What you see here is called the Arteon Big Sur; named after the scenic coastline in California.

“Hey, I’m here!”.

“We wanted the car to make a loud statement and stop people on their tracks,” the enthusiast group said.

What’s sure to stop Volkswagen fanboys on their tracks are the 20-inch, gloss black Rotiform TUF-R cast monoblock wheels that match the car so well, you’d think they were factory wheels.

Starting life as an Urano Gray Arteon, it now wears a Forest Green wrap; a colour we think Volkswagen should bestow upon the Arteon for the brand’s younger customers.

“It was more of an aesthetic design makeover than a performance upgrade. We wanted to keep it in the boundaries of something someone could easily achieve,” said the enthusiast group.

“We took all the doors off the vehicle – along with the front hood and rear hatch – and spent a good 50 to 60 hours to make sure that the wrap was applied perfectly. We want it to look like a paint job from afar”.

Supplementing the R-Line body kit by Volkswagen is a custom front splitter, custom panels for the side and a custom rear spoiler. The car has also been lowered by around 40 mm with a set of coilover suspension.

Find out more about the Volkswagen Arteon in Malaysia here!

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