In the future, Mercedez-Benz vehicles will be able to help you avoid potholes and ultimately expensive repairs with new Car-to-X functions. The feature is already available in the new S-Class, C-Class, and fully electric EQS.

The function works by monitoring the sudden movement of the car’s suspension (compression and rebound). The feature can also detect speed bumps.

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The in-house developed system comes with 36 different languages and can issue specific warnings such as “Lookout, pothole” or “Attention, speed bump”.

Once detected, the Car-to-X system will also inform other Mercedes-Benz vehicles nearby in real-time via cloud and GPS of the pothole or speed bump, with their drivers notified via icons on the map display. 10 seconds before reaching the pothole or speed bump, the driver will receive an audible warning as well.

Another Car-to-X function is the Crosswind Assist. If the system detects a strong crosswind, it will support the driver with assisted braking and steering interventions. When this happens, Car-to-X will also inform other Mercedes-Benz drivers who are traveling on the same route.

This basically means all Mercedes-Benz with such functions can act as one big radar, alerting each other of obstacles and potential hazards. In Mercedes-Benz’ own words, it allows Mercedes-Benz driver “a look around the corner” before they approach the location.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles made from 2016 onwards will come with such functions but to use the Car-to-X system with all its features, owners will need to have a Mercedes me account to activate Car-to-X.

The new pothole detection system was tested at Daimler’s Immendingen Test and Technology Centre (PTZ) just south of Stuttgart, Germany. The test facility offers 30 different test and trial courses over an area of 520 hectares, including bumps and potholes of all kinds.

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