This Mercedes-Benz S680 “Guard” is probably the safest place to be in 2021

Mercedes-Benz has low-key introduced the new S680 “Guard” that offers so much protection, it might even be able to protect you from this mess of a pandemic.

Unlike previous armoured vehicles made by Mercedes-Benz before, which were standard production cars clad with armoured material, this S680 based on the long-wheelbase S-class, is the first to be built as an armoured car from scratch.

The S680 Guard comes with VPAM VR10 levels of protection, the highest certification for vehicle ballistic protection and you can see why. A vehicle with VR10 certification can withstand gun fires up to AK47 at 90-degrees, without allowing the bullets to pierce its body or glass.

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The glass on the side windows are nearly four inches thick. The window motors are hydraulic units to allow them to operate in the case of emergency when the electronics fail.

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It even comes with an emergency fresh air system that provides oxygen when if the cabin is gassed. The tyres of the S680 feature Michelin’s PAX run-flat technology that allows the car to be driven up to around 90 km/h to a maximum distance of 200 km, in the event of a puncture.

All this protection comes at a price, literally and figuratively speaking. As a result, the S680 Guard weighs over 4-tonnes and by comparison, the S400h is only under 2-tonnes.

That shouldn’t deter the S680 Guard from sprinting off with its detuned V12 engine from the Maybach. The 6.0-litre twin-turbo engine makes 604 hp and 850 Nm to drive all four wheels.

Even the door hinges have been reinforced.

Each unit of the S680 Guard takes 51 days to build and reportedly costs around 550,000 Euros (approx. RM2.7 million).

In the future, Mercedes-Benz will only use the S-Class for its armoured vehicles, doing away from the Maybach models used before.



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