Nothing shouts ‘I love you’ more than a brand-new car, doesn’t it? Perhaps even more so when the car is a Rolls-Royce. But this couple in the US took it to the next level by commissioning two bespoke Rolls-Royces to celebrate their 40-year anniversary.

Yes, you read that right – two. They must really love each other (we kid). And to make it even more special, the first of the two Rolls-Royce is the 20-unit-only Phantom Tempus Collection – which might just be the ultimate gift to celebrate an anniversary.

For those whose brains aren’t just filled with pointless car facts, Tempus is Latin for “time”, and the whole car is designed around the fact that the concept of “time” just doesn’t apply within the cabin – as illustrated with the deliberate omission of a clock.

The cabin of the Phantom Tempus is a truly unique place. Check it out in detail here!

As per the press release, “Rolls-Royce Phantom Tempus is a motor car for those who shape the world as they seek their own place in the universe. They understand that whatever our individual gifts, talents, and opportunities, we are all gifted time – and it is up to us to make the most of every precious moment.”

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Tempus was painted a bright silver “Crystal over Arctic White”, was chosen by Glenn and Gigi Moss to signify the “light and infinite nature of time in their marriage”. The same ‘light’ theme is also mirrored onto the interior, with hand-crafted Arctic White leather offset by black contrast stitching and piping.

The location (with precise coordinates!) and date the couple first met in 1976 is engraved into the base of the Spirit of Ecstasy statuette, which is made out of solid silver. Quite literally, love is built into the details of the car. Tying up the specially-commissioned art piece is an illuminated door sill plate that reads ‘Phantom Tempus Collection – Hand built in Goodwood England for Glenn L. Moss Sr.’.

For the second car, Gigi Moss picked out a Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge, and painted it Crystal over Bright Red to contrast the white of her husband’s Phantom Tempus. The convertible also gets a bespoke Aero Cowling, which turns the four-seater convertible into a two-seater roadster – it’s an anniversary gift, there’s no need to ferry anyone else.

The entire Rolls-Royce Black Badge collection is now available in Malaysia. Check it out here!

Just like the Phantom, the Spirit of Ecstasy – milled from black carbon fibre – also gets an engraving at its base with the couple’s date and location of their wedding in 1981.

Inside, the special-edition Dawn features a dashboard is topped off with “aerospace-grade, aluminum-threaded carbon fibre composite surfacing material” to complement its darker Black Badge looks, and just for a little more pizzazz, there’s also a door sill plate that reas “Hand built in Goodwood England for Gigi Moss”.

The two cars were presented to the couple in a private ceremony by Rolls-Royce in Orange County, California. I just wish that one day someone will love me as much as how Glenn and Gigi Moss loves each other.