Video: Check out this incredible Lexus interior makeover by DK SCHWEIZER!

GC Mah couldn’t have said it better; your car seats are like mattresses. You spend more hours in a lifetime than you can imagine on it so it being comfortable, supportive and of course, pleasing to the eye is utmost important.

So after nine years of owning his Lexus RX 350 F Sport, it was time for a makeover and just because it was his beloved Lexus – a car that he spends a lot of time in – it had to be done right.

Enter DK SCHWEIZER, an OEM upholstery manufacturer and custom leather seat provider who has now expanded its business to cater directly to walk-in customers (B2C).

From the get-go, the process was quite exciting, even just to film! Not only can you work closely with DK SCHWEIZER’s designer to design your seats, but you can also specify different types of custom work including embroidery for the seats.

As for the types of materials available, the options are bound by the depth of your wallet. In GC Mah’s case, he opted for a mix of Nappa leather and Alcantara. The latter was also used for the entire headlining.

In this video, we also shared how a single piece of cowhide is utilised to the max using precision equipment, how the leather is tested to the limits to ensure its durability and lastly, how the leather is prepped and applied before the big reveal.

This is one video you do not want to miss!


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