UMW Toyota’s hilarious Hari Raya film explains why our moms were always so fussy!

Growing up, we’ve all had that one adult in our lives, be it our mothers or relatives, who are extra fussy about everything… and we mean everything. But while we may not realise at the time, they usually have your best interests at heart, as demonstrated in UMW Toyota‘s Hari Raya advertisement this year.

The story was told by the character Aiman, who chronicles his childhood under the watchful eyes of his mother, affectionately nicknamed Umi Pembaris – as she always seems to have a ruler in her hand. As you might have experienced yourselves growing up in an Asian household, the ruler – aside from being used to actually measure things – also sometimes function as a form of punishment.

As years go by, almost everything has changed; Aiman now has his own family, and he’s switched from riding in the KE10 Toyota Corolla, to now driving his own Corolla Cross. But the one thing that just doesn’t change is Umi Pembaris, her ruler, and her constant nagging.

Without her children by her side this year, Umi Pembaris’s ruler has now taken on a hilarious new role.

Having his own family though, did make Aiman understand Umi‘s way – while the teachings of tradition and cultures may seem harsh, it’s the one thing that truly strengthens the bond in the family. And that is why he’s now passing on the same teachings to his own children, albeit in a more… gentle way.

Aside from the main message, the film also reminded us of the good ol’ days before the world was turned completely upside-down by the Covid-19 pandemic. But while we may not be with our loved ones this festive season, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still have fun in different ways, as the video cheekily shows at the end.

Hopefully, the pandemic will soon blow over, and we can have a more regular Hari Raya next year. But for now, let’s all stay home, and stay safe. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, everyone!


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