Embrace the 9,500 rpm V12 soundtrack with the topless Ferrari 812 Competizione A

What a surprise! Apart from unveiling the name of the latest limited edition, Ferrari also unveiled a targa (removable hardtop) version of the Ferrari 812 Competizione. The Competizione name was chosen as a new concept of offering all the technologies and experience gained in all the motorsport activities that the prancing horse company is renowned for.  

As for the much-rumoured GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato) name, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer of Ferrari, Enrico Galliera, said it does not suit the product direction as well as not the right time to use it, as the Ferrari 599 GTO launched a decade ago is the third product to bear the GTO nameplate.

As always with each Ferrari, plenty of attention has been given to the 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine. Both the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A (pronounced “Ah”, with A for Aperta or open) sport the company’s most high-revving engine, spinning up to 9,500 rpm.

Maximum outputs of this special engine are 830 hp at 9,250 rpm and 692 Nm at 7,000 rpm, or a 30 hp increase and 26 Nm decrease compared to the regular Ferrari 812 series. For Ferrari to achieve a horsepower increment of just 3.75%, much of the internals of the V12 engine are new items.

Targeting higher engine revolutions requires reducing the mass of the internal components, as such, the new crankshaft is 3% lighter while replacing the con-rods from steel to titanium sees a 40% reduction and combined with a “lighter” or less viscous specially formulated Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 engine oil that cooperates with a new variable-displacement oil pump.

Meanwhile, to obtained even smoother surfaces for further reduction in friction, key components on the valvetrain are coated with Diamond-like Carbon (DLC). The valve actuation has been replaced with sliding finger followers as part of the requirements to smash the high 9,500 rpm target.

Plenty of work has also been done to the exhaust system, as the melodic soundtrack has now been blocked by gas particulate filters (GPF) to meet the most stringent emissions regulations. The result is a new “trumpet” exhaust outlet that also provides a “blown diffuser” aerodynamic concept, where the hot exhaust gases interact with the new underfloor diffuser’s field to generate up to 35% more downforce than the standard 812 Superfast.

Shifting duties are performed by the existing 7-speed dual-clutch transmission with calibration of the control strategies has reduced shift times by a further 5%. Performance figures for the Ferrari 812 Competizione are 0 to 100 km/h in 2.85 seconds, to 200 km/h in 7.5 seconds and lapping the 3-kilometre Fiorano Circuit in 80 seconds, faster than the lighter special series Ferrari 488 Pista.

The faster lap time of over a second could be greatly contributed by the new four-wheel independent steering control system (PCV 3.0). This new system has independent left and right actuators that allow the wheel to rotate different angles (as opposed to the same/parallel), providing an even better trajectory around curves and bends.  

Together with new software calibration of the Side Slip Control 7.0 that governs the traction control (F1-Trac), differential (E-Diff 3.0) suspension and on-the-limit brake control (FDE), the Ferrari 812 Competizione series offers the most uncompromised driving experience in a Ferrari.

As with other special series from Ferrari, aerodynamic attributes has been greatly improved on the Ferrari 812 Competizione. Plenty of vortex generators are placed at the front, side and bottom of the car, but the main highlight is the area that was once the rear windscreen.

Six profiled elements on the aluminium rear “screen” disrupt airflow to the side of the vehicle and enabling the rear spoiler and rear underfloor diffuser to function even better to generate additional downforce. Ferrari says this patented rear “screen” vortex generator contributes 10% more rear downforce compared to the standard 812 Superfast.

What about Ferrari 812 Competizione A, missing the roof and other bodywork. Meticulously wind tunnel development of the front windscreen and the flying buttresses with specific aerodynamic profiles managed to generate the downforce level that is essentially the same as the coupe. Compared to the 812 GTS with a retractable hard top, the Aperta has a removable carbon fibre roof piece that can be stored in the boot.

In total, the Ferrari 812 Competizione has 80 kg more downforce at 200 km/h than the standard 812 Superfast. A weight reduction strategy consists of carbon fibre bumpers, air intakes, the bonnet “boomerang”, 20-inch wheels together with lighter interior fabrics and lithium-ion 12-volt battery sees the dry kerb weight reduced to 1,487 kg or a 38 kg reduction.            

And the price of one of these beauties? At the media Q-and-A session, only prices for the Italian market are available, which is EUR500,000 for the coupe and EUR578,000 for the Aperta and all units have been signed up.

Watch GC’s experience with the 812 Superfast in Fiorano

Ferrari will build 999 units of the coupe and 599 units of the Aperta, with deliveries starting with the coupe in Q1 2022 and Aperta in late 2022.




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