It has been close to three years since the last special series Ferrari, the 488 Pista, came out of Maranello. Ferrari today released basic information and images of their latest special series that will be based on the Ferrari 812 Superfast V12 berlinetta.

The official name will be announced at a later day, as such the sportscar will only be addressed as 812 Superfast special version for now.

Under the lightweight aerodynamic bonnet with a carbon fibre blade lies Ferrari’s most powerful naturally aspirated internal combustion engine. Through the adoption of new engine components, exhaust system and even changes to the valve timing mechanism, the 65-degree V12 engine now produces 830 hp at a race-car like 9,500 rpm. That is 30 hp more than the Ferrari 812 GTS.

As with all special series Ferrari such as the Ferrari 488 Pista and the previous F12tdf, plenty of aerodynamic enhancements has been incorporated into the sportscar. The aerodynamic redesign of the whole 812 Superfast was aimed at maximising downforce levels- from the new front air intakes, rear diffuser and exhaust configuration to the patented design of the rear screen – which now hosts vortex generators. No need for an unsightly standing rear wing.

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Meanwhile, in the chassis and handling department, Ferrari will introduce independent steering on all four wheels. Apart from fine-tuning the suspension parameters, the control system of the stability system has also been further enhanced, with the 812 Superfast special version debuting a new version 7.0 of the renowned Side Slip Control vehicle dynamics system.

The yet-to-be-named 812 Superfast special version will be the third edition of the limited quantity, special series V12 berlinetta from Ferrari. The legendary automaker first started with the Ferrari 599 GTO a decade ago, followed by the Ferrari F12tdf in 2016. Both special names paid homage to Ferrari’s rich GT racing history of the 50s and 60s.

We will need to wait till May 5th for Ferrari to release the 9,500 rpm soundtrack from the V12 engine as well as the name of this new limited edition special series is indeed the 812 GTO.

If you special enough to Ferrari, the automaker can design and build a one-off retro-inspired car just for you, such as the Ferrari Omologata that is based on the 812 Superfast.