Ferrari 488 Pista revealed ahead of Geneva, 3.9L V8 with 720hp & 770Nm!

To nobody’s surprise, Ferrari has unveiled a track-focused version of the 488 GTB. Introducing the Ferrari 488 Pista, which translates directly to track in Italian, the successor to the 360 Challenge Stradale, 430 Scuderia and 458 Speciale.

Underneath the hood, the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 is massaged to kick out 720 hp and 770 Nm of torque, the former at 8,000 rpm and the latter comes in at 3,000 rpm. Output is 50 hp and 10 Nm more than the standard 488 GTB. Drive is sent to the rear wheels via a seven-speed F1 dual-clutch box. Century sprint takes 2.85 seconds and mesh the throttle for 7.6 seconds will take you from 0 to 200 km/h. Top speed is registered in excess of 340 km/h.

The increase in output also translates to more intense aural experience thanks to Inconel exhaust manifolds, lightweight crankshaft and flywheel, titanium con rods and carbon-fibre intake plenums.

Like all special edition Ferrari’s, the Ferrari 488 Pista gets tech derived from the 488 GTE race car for enhanced on-track performance. For starters the car weighs 90 kg compared to the 488 GTB but gets F1-inspired front S-Duct and front diffusers with ramp angle, redesigned underbody vortex generators and double kink rear diffuser for better aerodynamics. In addition, the rear spoiler now sits higher and extends longer in shape for 20 percent increase in downforce.

Despite the blistering performance, Ferrari wants to ensure that the Ferrari 488 Pista’s performance is accessible to all drivers, professional or otherwise. With that in mind, Side-Slip Angle Control 6.0 is incorporated and for the first time ever Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer which uses software to adjust the brake pressure at the callipers. These additional level of control gives the driver more refined controls and predictability when driving at the limit.

Besides the racing livery strip that runs through the mid-section, the Ferrari 488 Pista can be further optioned with new 20-inch carbon-fibre wheels – a first for a Ferrari as well as the engine cover, bumpers and rear spoiler finished in carbon fibre.



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