You should’ve already known, but if not, consider this your final notice: Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, the 9th of May. If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia has come up with a couple of special gift ideas that might prove useful – especially now that we’re once again celebrating Mother’s Day at home this year.

In line with its Drive for Life campaign, Bosch’s gift idea comes in the form of DIY safety maintenance checks that you can carry out for your mom, giving her the peace of mind of safety behind the wheels – even though you might not always be there to drive mom around.

Firstly, the simplest check you can perform is to just have a look at the windscreen wipers, especially during this rainy season. Look out for wear and tear signs such as scraping sounds, water stripes and streaks, large unwiped sections, as well as skips during operation. The heat from our intense climate can cause wipers to warp and crack faster.

As a rule of thumb, Bosch recommends replacing them once a year. Changing them out is easy too – we even made a video about it!

As a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the quality of air we breathe has seen an increased importance. The first line of defence to reduce risk of exposure to air pollutants, airborne bacteria, and viruses in our cars is none other than the cabin air filter.

The cabin filters should be replaced every year, or every 15,000 km, whichever comes first. Common signs of a clogged cabin filter include unpleasant smells or exhaust fumes, increasing dust settling on car surfaces, reduced effectiveness of your air-conditioning, or frequent runny nose, sneezing, and coughing.

The Bosch Aeristo premium cabin filter is capable of filtering up to 98% of fine particles and air pollutants as small as 2.5 microns, and also comes with a natural polyphenol layer made out of plants that can decompose the virus proteins and prevent bacteria growth.

For your mom’s car’s next scheduled service, make sure to choose a higher-quality engine oil to ensure the car runs as smooth as possible. Since we are also driving lesser during the recent movement control orders, consider buying a car battery trickle charger – such as the Bosch C7 – to ensure the car battery is kept at an optimum charge.

While we’re all stuck at home now anyway, keep the car battery clean with an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. This can help prolong battery life, prevent battery terminal corrosion, and keep the battery in optimal working condition. While you’re at it, also check for signs of a swollen battery case once in a while – you never want an exploding battery in your cars!

Even if you’ve found the perfect gifts for your mom, these DIY tips are easy enough that we all should be doing it, eitherway! If you do need to buy any replacement parts especially during this Mother’s Day weekend, be sure to check out Bosch AA’s own official Shopee (here) or Lazada (here) stores to have them delivered right to your doorsteps, while we all continue to stay home and stay safe.

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