Apparently it’s so easy, you can change it in the comfort of your own pyjamas. In this week’s edition of AutoDIY, we’ll show you how you can change your car’s wiper blades without making the unnecessary stop to the workshop again!

You’re probably thinking, “I still have to pop by the spare parts shop to buy the new wipers, right?”.

That’s true to an extent but now Bosch has that covered even; with an official store within Lazada to buy most of your vehicle’s consumables!

I suppose there aren’t any excuses to “AutoDIY it yourself” now. Save your parents some hassle, make them and yourself proud with this simple replacement on your own.

A new episode of AutoDIY will be aired every Wednesday, with many more interesting and informative episodes to come.

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Pan Eu Jin
Regularly spend countless hours online looking at cars and parts I can't afford to buy. How a car makes you feel behind the wheel should be more important than the brand it represents - unless resale value is your thing.