The stunning Genesis X concept blends classic sports car design with modern tech

Remember how Hyundai and Kia have been putting out cars that look just like their concepts? Well, this here needs to be one. What you’re looking at is the Genesis X concept, and it’s proof that electric cars don’t have to look “futuristic” or “revolutionary”.

While an EV can really be any shape you want, the new coupe concept takes on a very traditional GT shape, with a long hood, flowing roofline, and a short rear. From the rear, the shape of the Genesis X concept looks almost like a Bentley Continental GT – though it’s design is unmistakeably Genesis.

The X concept emphasises on all of Genesis’ signature design elements, such as the “Two Lines” motif that’s seen throughout the entire car – both inside and out. Particularly interesting is the two-lined headlights, which cut through the wheel arch and ends parallelly right at the shut line of the front door.

The headlights flank Genesis’ signature shield-shaped Crest Grille, while lower down, the air intakes on the “double-layered” bumpers actually serve a functional purpose to cool off the batteries and other critical components.

Looking from the front, the entire low-slung clamshell bonnet is devoid of any shut lines or panel gaps, which Genesis says gives the coupe a “sensual” look. However, if it ever becomes a production model, be prepared to see the panel lines, because cargo space is actually a thing.

Moving over to the rear, which itself is shaped like a horseshoe according to Genesis, the Two Lines motif is once again seen on the tail lamps, ending in a slant line this time with the panel gap on the rear fenders. In general, it’s just refreshing to see how simple and sleek the entire rear end is, without any unnecessary (and often-times fake) go-fast vents and the likes.

As for the exterior colour, Genesis calls the beautiful green-blue hue “Lençóis Blue”, inspired by the lagoons of Maranhenses National Park in Brazil, where a lake forms only during the rainy season. And if there’s one thing to know about car colours, it’s that green is good – it’s already been decided.

Inside, the Genesis X concept artfully blends classic with modern; screens – like all modern cars – are still present here, but it’s heavily downplayed and wrapped in a leather binnacle that surrounds the driver, like an old-school sports car.

The rest of the cabin is also tastefully minimalist. Air vents are hidden neatly across the top of the dashboard into a two-lined trim, and the rest of the dashboard is just plain ol’ beautiful leather. And just check out those leather-padded pedals! Classy.

Instead of using superficial chrome trims and patterned surfaces for the “premium” look, Genesis went with colours instead. The front bucket seats (with four-point harness!) and the leather binnacle on the dashboard are finished in scotch brown, while the rear seats get an ocean wave green-blue hue.

Since this is a concept, Genesis did not reveal any technical specifications about the stunning coupe. When the South Korean premium carmaker moves into the EV space though, expect to see the use of Hyundai Group’s e-GMP platform, the same one that’s underneath the Kia EV6 that was unveiled just yesterday.

Anyway, if we had to guess, we’d say that a 500 km range or so on a grand tourer sounds about right, alongside performance figures of around 3.8 seconds from 0-100 km/h. But really, with looks like that, we’ll take anything we can. Do it, Genesis.



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