In today’s episode of things-we-did-not-expect, BMW Malaysia has published a post on its Facebook page, with a link to its website for customers to register their interest for the BMW iX electric SUV.

No, this wasn’t a mistake on BMW Malaysia’s part – the iX is indeed listed on the local entity’s website, alongside the other i-branded models, just without a price tag. So the only question on everyone’s mind then: Is it coming soon to Malaysia?

Well, not so soon at least. Although the iX has been unveiled globally in November last year, BMW says that the reveal was just a “design world premiere”, so a large chunk of the technical details were still kept under wraps. The official market launch will only happen sometime in “late 2021”.

But the fact that BMW Malaysia has listed the model on their website, most probably means that the fully-electric SUV will be making its way onto our shores, when it becomes available globally, of course. BMW Malaysia’s past performance with the i sub-brand does also help instil some confidence – both the i3s and i8 (in both coupe and roadster form) were previously made available in Malaysia through official channels.

As for the car itself, BMW says that the iX is similar in size to the X5, with the height of an X6, and an interior space comparable to the X7. This is in part due to the new scalable and modular chassis, designed specifically for electric powertrains.

While most technical specifications are still withheld, BMW did say that the iX will be equipped with the company’s latest fifth-generation eDrive powertrain, featuring two electric motors to make at least 500 hp, which will result in a 0-100 km/h time of under five seconds.

The BMW iX will feature the brand’s latest iDrive Operating System 8.0 software.

It’s certainly an interesting strategy to introduce the fully-electric BMW iX here in Malaysia, especially as our nationwide charging infrastructure is still very much in the infancy stage. But of course, there needs to be someone to lead the electrification push here in our country, and at the very least, it tracks well with BMW Group Malaysia’s commitment to go all-in on electrification. Will you be registering your interest in BMW’s “Next Big Thing”?