The Manhart MH2 GTR has even more torque than the BMW M8 Competition

When Brabus introduced the B45-450 last week, which took the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S to BMW M2 CS-equalling power, we questioned the purpose of it as we thought that the A 45 S already had more than enough power. But now, Manhart Performance has hit back with the MH2 GTR, pushing the M2 CS’s power output all-the way up to 600 hp. And you know what – we’re actually okay with this.

Call us biased, but the reason we think that is because the Manhart MH2 GTR is built to be an all-out track toy, that so happens to also be a road-legal car, instead of just trying to stuff more power underneath the hood to appease the spec-sheet car buyer.

For the new ultimate BMW M2, Manhart took the factory-supplied S55 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged straight six mill, and slapped on a new performance turbo kit, an uprated intercooler, carbon fibre intakes, alongside an ECU tune.

And the results are simply stunning – from the stock output of 450 hp and 550 Nm, Manhart managed to squeeze out 600 hp and a whopping 830 Nm of torque from the mighty three-litre engine. Yes, you read that right – 830 Nm. That’s even more than the BMW M8 Competition!

Also helping with the performance is the new exhaust system with sport downpipes and a more free-flowing 300-cell catalytic converter, alongside a new software recalibration for the DCT transmission. Manhart did not reveal any performance figures for the MH2 GTR, but we’d imagine that it’d be a whole lot faster than the stock BMW M2 CS, which already does 0-100 km/h in 4.0 seconds – that is, if you can put all 830 Nm of torque to the ground.

And like we said, the Manhart MH2 GTR isn’t just made for the numbers. Tying up the entire track-focused package are the new suspension upgrades from H&R, upgraded brakes, as well as sticky Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres as standard, fitted onto the in-house produced 20-inch “Concave One” forged wheels.

The Manhart MH2 GTR also comes with a number of modifications on the exterior to boost performance (and aesthetics, but that’s not the main point here). Similar to the M4 Competition-based MH4 GTR launched last year, the baby brother is also fitted with carbon fibre aerodynamic components including the menacing air vents on the front fender, as well as the stacked rear wings. The BMW M Performance-inspired livery also adds a nice touch to the whole race car image.

Inside, you’ll find new Recaro bucket seats, with a whole swathe of carbon fibre bits applied to the steering wheel and gear selector. The left centre air vent has also been replaced by an Awron data display, providing the driver with important information about the powertrain. Why? Because race car, simple as that.



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