Video: Nissan Almera 1.0 Turbo VLT review

If we had to pick a non-national car from last year that sprung the biggest surprise, it had to be the Nissan Almera Turbo. The model it replaces may have been practical, spacious and economical, but it had an unfortunate image. It’s less than attractive exterior did not help matters either.

All that has changed. For starters, all three variants are now powered by a 1.0-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder with 100 hp and 152 Nm, paired to a CVT transmission. That’s not all, to complement the new powertrain, the suspension and handling of the Almera have been significantly improved for better agility in urban areas and stability on the highway.

Aside from completely altering the way the Almera drives, Nissan also refined the cabin experience with thicker front windows together with additional cabin insulation. Notable on-board equipment now includes a semi-digital instrument cluster, Apple CarPlay, supportive bucket seats, and cruise control.

By far the biggest selling point of the Almera is what it offers on the safety front. Even the base model comes with forward collision warning and autonomous braking. In this highest specification VLT variant, safety is further enhanced with six airbags, a surround-view monitor, blind-spot monitor, and rear cross traffic alert.

All that however, has come at a price. The new Almera Turbo now starts from RM79,906 for the VL variant, RM85,715 for the VLP and RM91,310 for the range-topping VLT variant. The car comes with a 5-year unlimited mileage vehicle warranty, free five times alternating maintenance service within 5 years, with parts and labour included.

Can the all new Almera Turbo justify its asking price? Watch and find out!


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