Geely has sold over 1 million Boyue SUVs globally – including the Proton X70!

Four years since it made its debut in China, the Geely Boyue – affectionately known as the “most beautiful SUV” by Chinese media and consumers – has now reached the milestone of one million units sold globally.

The Geely Boyue is sold in over 17 countries across the world, including Russia, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa and South-East Asia. Outside of China, the Boyue is also known as the Azkarra, Atlas, Emgrand X7 Sport, and of course, the Proton X70 as we know it here. Seeing how welcomed the X70 is in our country, it’s not hard to see how it managed to move one million units in such as short time span.

According to Geely, the Boyue is one of the first models on sale in China to feature intelligent connectivity features, such as the “Nihao Buoyue” feature, which quickly became one of its most-frequently used functions. After the two companies signed the collaboration agreement back in 2017, the feature was adapted for the Proton X70 with the phrase “Hi Proton”, and as they say, the rest is history.

The now-iconic feature has successfully helped transformed Proton into a technology and value-driven brand, not only in Malaysia but also across the ASEAN market – with the Malaysia-assembled Proton X70 now already being exported to Brunei.

Geely says that the Boyue averaged 20,000 units per month for the past three and a half years – pretty much across its entire existence – and is showing no signs of slowing down, either in China or globally. Just last year, the model was updated to create the Boyue Pro, powered by a new hybrid powertrain featuring the award-winning 1.5T engine (as seen on the X50), paired to an electrified rear axle.

To celebrate the million-unit milestone, Geely has also created a limited-edition ‘Million Model’ Boyue, featuring the “infinite weave” grille that was designed for the Malaysian Proton X70!

While the Boyue was born as a China domestic product, its recent expansion to other countries has certainly cemented Geely as a true global brand.


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