Of course can lah. This time, we can add another share to our well-received Proton X70 GKUI video and it’s from none other than the major stakeholder of Proton itself, Geely Auto.

Seen on the official Weibo account of Geely, the post cheekily reminded the Chinese audience of their university English test while also urging them to check out our unique Malaysian English.

Watch it on Weibo here!

The video featured local motorsport darling Leona Chin, comedian Vikarworld, and singer/host/comedian Luqman Podolski who were invited to test out the Proton X70’s GKUI system, which served as commanded, like a butler.

At the time of writing, the video has accumulated close to 10,000 views on Geely’s Weibo account and unsurprisingly, there were a few “gems” in the comment section:

“It understands Malaysian English, but not necessarily my Chinese English”

“The logo of the car is obviously better looking than the one it’s based on.”

“Are you bullying the AI system because it is well-tempered?”

Also, we are actually serious about the headline, as you’re reading this, there’s actually a convoy of Proton X70s making their way to China!