Cycle & Carriage’s Virtual Showroom brings the new Mercedes brand presence online

Cycle & Carriage has unveiled the first Mercedes-Benz Virtual Showroom in Malaysia today, bringing the new Mercedes-Benz brand presence onto the interwebs. Modelled after its revamped Mutiara Damansara showroom, the new virtual showroom brings the physical retail experience into an interactive space with simulated touchpoints.

At launch, the Cycle & Carriage Virtual Showroom showcases nine Mercedes-Benz models, including the recently-updated Mercedes-Benz C 200 AMG Line. Customers can take a closer look at these models via the 360-degree views for both the exterior and interior of the car, while a full specifications breakdown is also available at just a click away.

More popular models will also be accompanied with an in-depth Cycle & Carriage “Expert Review” video which outlines their unique selling points. Customers looking to take the plunge can configure their cars using the built-in car configurator, and place a test-drive appointment at their preferred Cycle & Carriage Autohaus directly from the virtual showroom.

Cycle & Carriage Bintang CEO, Wilfrid Foo said, “The low-touch economy spurred by e-commerce marketplaces has propelled a need for us to re-engineer our strategy in the luxury car segment. While our physical retail experience will certainly be here to stay, complementing it with an immersive online experience and seamlessly incorporating both channels would make the purchasing journey better for our customers.

“We believe that to be a trusted dealer partner, we need to deliver on that promise of meeting our customers’ evolving needs. Our new virtual showroom is one of the many investments we are making to nurture the overall customer experience and together with our physical showrooms, our customers can begin their ownership journey with confidence,” added Foo.

The Cycle & Carriage Mercedes-Benz virtual showroom is available now at For the updated price list of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia models following the announcement of the sales tax exemptions, click here.



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