Volvo Cars has taken a huge step towards the production of electric vehicles by making investments for in-house designing and development of electric motors.

The company has opened a brand new electric motor lab in Shanghai, China, the latest addition to its global network of facilities for the development and testing of electric car components. The lab adds to the e-motor development currently taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden and state-of-the-art battery labs in China and Sweden.

The newly opened electric motor lab in Shanghai will mainly focus on electric motor development for use in fully electric and hybrid cars based on Volvo Cars’ forthcoming SPA2 modular vehicle architecture.

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With in-house development, Volvo’s engineers will not only be able to further optimise electric motors but the entire electric driveline in future Volvos. This approach will allow engineers to work on improving energy efficiency and overall performance.

“Through in-house design and development, we can fine-tune our e-motors to ever better levels,” said Volvo Cars, Chief Technology Officer, Henrik Green.

The investments in e-motor design and development further cement Volvo Cars’ climate conservation ambitions and electrification strategy. By 2025, the company is targeting 50% of its sales to be made up of electric cars, while the rest are at the very least, hybrid vehicles. By 2040, Volvo Cars aim to be a climate-neutral company.

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