Someone has designed new bumpers for the BMW M3 & M4 and look at that transformation!

There’s probably not much most of us can agree on more unanimously than how the new BMW M3 and M4 looks with their new vertical kidney grille design. This follows after the groundbreaking but eye-watering look was first seen in the new BMW 4 Series.

At a time when looking and staying fresh is everything, we’ll take nothing away from BMW for pushing the boundaries of its kidney grille design. The online response it has generated however, since the tradition-breaking design was revealed, is probably far from what they were expecting.

A tuning company in Germany has responded as well; not with rants on social media but with solutions. They’ve shown us variations of a completely redesigned front end and it makes you wonder why BMW did not adopt that look, to begin with.

The horizontal kidney grille route would’ve been the safer route, as we’ve seen with the 8 Series here in Malaysia, and these new renders by Prior Design in Germany prove that sometimes you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken.

According to The Drive, word is that Prior Design will likely put these drawings into production – an announcement which will be most welcomed by those looking to own one of Bavaria’s latest household bad boys. A similarly positive effect can be seen on the renderings of the new BMW M3 as well.

Sure, it makes it harder for you to tell apart the BMW 4 and 8 Series, but what good is a distinction if no one ends up buying them out of nausea?

With this new look, those road hogging ahead of the new M3 or M4 will move aside out of sheer intimidation when before, they’d most likely give way solely to get the unsightly M cars out of their rearview mirror.



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