Jaguar Land Rover combats driver fatigue with new noise cancellation tech

In order to combat driver fatigue and keep the roads safer for everyone, Jaguar Land Rover will be equipping the updated Jaguar F-Pace, Jaguar XF, and Range Rover Velar with a new noise cancellation technology to reduce unwanted road and tyre sounds from the cabin for a more refined driving experience.

Developed by Silentium, the Active Road Noise Cancellation system uses sensors on each wheel to constantly monitor the vibrations from the road surface. The specific opposite phase sound wave is then calculated in real-time and emitted through the cars’ Meridian sound system to remove the noise.

The system also monitors the occupancy status in the cabin with the seatbelt sensors, optimising the performance of the noise cancellation sounds in the cabin for all passengers by adjusting the levels and position of the noise cancellation sounds.

Jaguar Land Rover says that the new noise cancellation tech allows for unwanted road noise – especially those from potholes and rough surfaces – to be “isolated and removed”; lowering unwanted noise peaks by 10 dB, and overall noise levels by 3-4 dB – equivalent to turning down the in-car sound system by four notches.

Citing studies, JLR says that reduction in exposure to low-frequency noises (below 300 Hz) can help prevent driver fatigue on longer journeys. The company also says that fatigued drivers on average have an increase in reaction time by 16.72% compared to those fully alert.

The system is being launched under the brand’s Destination Zero banner, an initiative to make societies safer and healthier, and our environments cleaner – zero emissions, zero accidents and zero congestion – through technology innovations like the Active Road Noise Cancellation system.

JLR also says that an added benefit of the noise cancellation system for its hybrid models is that it allows for the powertrain to be “refined for lower CO2 emissions and efficiency with no impact on driver experience”.

“Active Road Noise Cancellation technology not only has the potential to improve road safety but also wellbeing and quality of life for our customers,” said JLR Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steve Iley.

“In a post-coronavirus world, where a ‘new normal’ is emerging, we expect customer expectations of private transport to change. An extra focus will be placed on safe, clean mobility where personal space, wellbeing and hygiene carry a premium.”


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