Honda Civic Type R used as Pace Car in Indy Car Series

Honda USA has unveiled the 2020 Honda Civic Type R Pace Car which will be used to lead a pack of angry race cars in the Indycar Series. This is the latest in a series of Honda Pace Cars used for Indy car races since 2006.

Modifications to the Civic Type R Pace Car include a Honda Performance Development [HPD] brake package, including competition rotors, racing pads and stainless steel brake lines. On the inside, the Civic Type R has been fitted with a safety roll cage and four-point racing harnesses.

The Honda Civic Type R Pace Car is based on the latest 2020 iteration which has been improved in terms of aesthetics, handling, braking, and safety. It now comes with new two-piece brake discs and new brake pads which have been engineered for reduced fade and improved high-speed braking efficiency. It also gets upgraded dampers and stiffer rear bushings.

Inside, the Civic Type R’s cabin comes with a new Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, a new shifter with a redesigned gear knob and shorter shifts. The visceral effect from the Civic’s performance has also been amplified with the new Active Sound Control, which modifies interior sound in relation to different drive modes.

Not too long ago, Honda also revealed a limited edition version of the updated Civic Type R, which has been lightened by almost 50 kg. Aside from the removal of the rear wipers, tonneau cover and rear heater ducts, the omission of sound dampening materials alone reduced more than 12 kg of the car’s overall weight. To further reduce unsprung weight, lightweight forged aluminium BBS wheels have been used.

As a result, the limited edition Civic Type R recently clocked the fastest time for a front-wheel driven car around the Suzuka Circuit – eclipsing the record previously held by the Megane RS Trophy-R by a full second.



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