If you thought our previous story on two 19-year olds speeding in daddy’s car was the mark of stupidity, this is on another level.

You’ve probably thought of doing it, some of us might have done it and probably even got away scot-free. In Germany however, showing the middle finger to speed cameras may land you in hot soup; much hotter than you’d expect.

Recently, the driver of a BMW X5 found that out the hard way. While travelling on the B289 highway just outside of Nuremberg, Germany, not only did the 26-year old exceed the speed limit by 11 km/h, he also flashed a middle finger at the speed camera. The speed limit in the area was 70 km/h.

German driver fined 75 times more than usual for speeding, here's why

What followed was probably beyond the driver’s wildest dreams. Instead of receiving a slap on the wrist with a fine of just 20 euros (approx. RM99) for breaching the speed limit, he received a fine of 1,500 euros (approx RM7,542) instead.

That’s 75 times more than the usual rate for taking a piss at the German authorities who clearly wanted to make an example out of him. That’s not all. The District Court of Kulmbach also banned him from driving for a month.

Guess there is a moral to this story; never mess with the authorities when you’re at fault and always keep a cool head on the road no matter the situation. It could just save you a lot of trouble and of course, money.

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