Two 19-year olds pulled over in Canada after clocking 308 km/h in daddy’s car

The two have since been released but the driver’s license has been revoked and his daddy’s car impounded – both for 7 days – as part of an automatic “punishment” to prevent a repetition of the irresponsible act.

Two 19-years olds were pulled over on a highway in Toronto, Canada yesterday after their W204 6.3-litre V8 Mercedes-AMG C63 zoomed past highway patrol officers at 308 km/h. The W204 model was the last of the C63 AMGs to receive a naturally-aspirated V8 engine before Mercedes-AMG switched to the 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engines like in the current coupe model we reviewed recently.

“It’s the fastest speed I’ve ever seen in my time with the force. That’s over 85 metres per second! Not to mention three times the legal speed limit of that particular section,” said Sergeant Kerry Schmidt who thought it was a joke when his colleague sent a picture of the 308 km/h speed recorded on the radar speed gun.

“The officer in charge has been patrolling the highway that’s close to the airport runway so we thought he recorded the speed of a plane taking off or landing but this was just shocking. At that speed, if a car decided to merge into their lane and pull out in front of them, they would have no way of slowing down in time,” he added.

Sergeant Kerry Schmidt even said in his Twitter video that after the Mercedes-AMG was pulled over, other motorists even honked as they drove past – apparently in resentment – assuming they all saw how the AMG zoomed past them and just about everything in their way at such an unthinkable speed.

We strongly recommend that you watch this short “lecture”.

The driver now facing several charges, including one for street racing/stunt driving and a criminal charge for dangerous driving. The Sergeant also released a very insightful lecture on Twitter shortly after – we strongly recommend that you take just 12 minutes to watch it.

It seems the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has given birth to increased hooliganism at just about anywhere with roads. The authorities in Toronto said that they’ve charged over 150 people and impounded 15 cars per day since the 1st of May.

Source: Twitter


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