Sales Tax Exemption: Updated price list of Mitsubishi vehicles in Malaysia

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has updated its price list for the ASX and Outlander in light of the government’s recent initiative to reduce car prices by offering sales tax exemptions for CBU and CKD vehicles.

Unfortunately, as the Triton is categorised under commercial vehicles, it will not benefit from the tax exemption and as a result, prices for the pick-up remain unchanged.

With most still reluctant to be out, understandably, MMM recently launched a “Test Drive 2U” online test drive booking service to allow customers to test drive Mitsubishi vehicles without having to go to a Mitsubishi showroom. The vehicle will be brought to your doorstep instead.

During the test drive, the sales consultant will be seated at the back to observe social distancing. To request for a test drive, customers can browse and select their preferred model on the MMM website here. After selecting their nearest dealership and completing the personal details form, a Mitsubishi sales consultant will be in contact either through WhatsApp or phone call, according to customer’s preference.

For the updated price list from other car brands in Malaysia, click here.


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