“AutoDiscos” – How Germans are “partying” in their cars while social distancing

The sensation also known as “drive-in raves” was initially inspired by a drive-in concert that took place in Denmark but party organisers in Western Germany had other things in mind.

A stage, hypnotising light displays and a banging sound system – it had everything you’d expect at a rave but there weren’t excessively sweaty crowds nor long queues. Instead, there were (strictly) 250 cars per event, each with two passengers in it.

That’s not all, to strictly adhere to social distancing, each of the car’s windows had to be shut has well. So you ask, how would they properly enjoy the music then? They’re transmitted into the cars via FM radio – talk about utilising technology.

The absence of loud cheers and jumping crowds were instead replaced with high beams and honks – what a sight that would be!

According to foreign media, there were no reports of any driving under influence or even consumption of illegal substances – I’d take that with a pinch of salt. Local authorities however weighed in and applauded the measures and precautions taken.

Wouldn’t it be fun to experience, even just once, something like that in Malaysia?


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