Could this really be the new BMW 2 Series Coupe?

Over the weekend, two images of what appears to be an unreleased BMW 2 Series Coupe-esque car have surfaced online, courtesy of Instagram account Wilcoblok. Although a huge chunk of the bodywork is draped over by a car cover, we still got to see most of the front and rear without any disguise, revealing some noteworthy details.

First of all, the front fascia of the car features a relatively small kidney grille, aligned in a horizontal layout for a more “traditional” BMW look. The small grille is refreshing to see, especially with the forthcoming 4 Series set to receive the extra-large treatment on the grilles.

Image leak of what could possibly be the forthcoming BMW 2 Series Coupe - Front

However, the grille is where all the familiarity ends. The headlights looks to be a massive departure from current BMW design language, especially without the usual ‘Angel Eyes’ corona rings.

The triangular motif on the front lower apron is also something we’ve not seen from the Munich-based carmaker. The M badge on the front lower radiator grille – albeit the odd placement – seems to point to the fact that we’re looking at a M Sport variant instead of a full-fat M2.

The unconventional design continues at the back, with a taillight shape that is slightly reminiscent of the pre-CLI E90 3 Series. The light graphics also lose the iconic BMW L-shape design. The lower bumper does bring it back to more recent times, with an overt “air-vent” design at the sides, along with a large diffuser on the bottom.

Image leak of what could possibly be the forthcoming BMW 2 Series Coupe - Rear

The pictured car seems to be carrying a German registration plate, which means it is a functioning car of some sort, and not a clay model that was taken out of the design studio.

Though, with anything on the internet these days, it’s better to take it with a pinch of salt. The images could also be the work of an avid BMW fan with the help of Photoshop.

For something more concrete, it’s better to get information from a trustable source such as BMW’s 2 Series Product Manager Gernot Stuhl, who has confirmed that the 2 Series Coupe will remain rear-wheel driven as opposed to the all-new 2 Series Gran Coupe.

BMW M2 CS, the last M2 of the F82 generation.

According to previous reports, the upcoming BMW M2 – which has been given the go-ahead – will be powered by a three-litre inline-six engine, generating north of 420 hp, 10 hp more than the current BMW M2 Competition.

We recently had the opportunity to check out how the all-new BMW 218i Gran Coupe and M235i xDrive Gran Coupe feels like with a front-wheel drive platform. Be sure to check that out too!


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