Volkswagen has debuted a refreshed and and what the company deems to be a “digitally friendly re-imagination of its signature logo” which will be rolled out in vehicles for the US market.

Led by Volkswagen Chief Designer Klaus Bischoff, who was also responsible for redesigning the new “R” logo, the new logo was designed to be versatile, “digital-first” and reduces the logo to essential elements, which is now presented as flat and two dimensional. If you remember, this was the rather similar approach BMW took with it’s redesigned badge.

The logo’s blue and white colors have also been refreshed with a new deep blue tone.

The new logo is a symbol and trademark. With a flat two-dimensional design reduced to its essential elements, it can be used extremely flexibly.

“My personal drive in this redesign was to make the W float, bringing a new lightness to the Volkswagen brand. The new Volkswagen logo was also redesigned to fit smaller items such smartwatch or phones as well as those that appear in the company’s factories and plants.

It’s safe to expect the new VW Golf to don the new logo.

By mid-2020, the brand plans to complete the rollout of the rebrand across the 10,000 dealers in 171 markets spanning 154 countries and has made its USA debut on the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport.

In other news, recovery seems to be underway in the Chinese auto market as Volkswagen Group has announced that all 2,000 of its dealerships have now reopened.

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The company also announced the same for its other subsidiaries with local operations in China, namely Audi and Skoda. With the reopening of the SAIC Volkswagen plant in Changsha, Hunan, 32 out of 33 of Volkswagen Group China’s local facilities have resumed operations.

Dealerships have also reported strong customer interest. Traffic on showroom floors during the last weekend of March was comparable to the same period last year.