McLaren Racing’s 80s throwback video is solid gold

The world was much simpler back in the 80s, there were no internet, social media, YouTube or Netflix. It was also the era of excesses, questionable fashion, of the cold war, and of course, the golden age of TV serials – the main source of entertainment for families around the world.

While shows such as Charlie’s Angels, Dallas, CHiPs, Knight Rider, The A-Team, Magnum PI (and many more) kept audiences glued to the telly every evening, McLaren Racing were busy winning races on Sundays, racking up a total of five Formula 1 drivers’ crowns and four constructors’ championships in the 80s alone (there would be more in the 90s as well). It was a golden era for them too.

Whatever the motivation, spare time aside as the F1 season is suspended, what the McLaren digital team managed to string together – a throwback video featuring modern day subject matter rendered in true 80s fashion – would’ve brought a smile to those fond of the 80s, not to mention an entertaining distraction to the population who are currently confined to their homes.

Now watch a real 80s TV series intro. What do you think of McLaren’s efforts?

Zak Brown as a Bosley (of Charlie’s Angels fame) character type is spot on, while technical director Andreas Seidl needs no cosmetic embellishment as the nerdy comic relief of the team. If only Carlos sported a moustache a la Tom Selleck, along with tighter speedos on Lando, now that would’ve been icing on the cake.


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