The Nurburgring Nordschleife has been nicknamed “The Green Hell” by Jackie Stewart, thanks to its 20.8 km of demanding twists and turns. The difficult nature of the track is the reason why many car manufacturers choose to test their cars there, but as you may know, the Nordschleife is also open to public traffic on most days.

However, the true cost of driving there is way more than just the 30 Euros you pay to enter. Even the best makes mistakes – just take a look on YouTube, and if you’re planning to drive on the Green Hell, it’s probably a good idea to factor in this part of the equation too.

If you’re wondering how much it’ll cost you to crash your car on the Nurburgring, Car Throttle has helpfully created a little animation video to give you an idea of what you’re expected to pay when you’ve had a little too much fun.

Firstly, there’ll be the cost of fixing the crash barriers along the track, which costs 60.69 Euros per metre to replace (if they’re just mildly scratched, they can be fixed at 17.59 Euros). If any of the barrier supports are damaged, that’ll be 79 Euros each. Oh, and you’ll have to pay 150 Euros just to get the repairmen out to fix the barriers.

Depending on the severity of your crash, a safety car might be required while they clear up the debris around the crash zone, and get you out to safety. That’ll be 82 Euros per 30 minutes of their precious time. And don’t forget the standard 19% Value-Added Tax in Germany to your total bill.

Yes, you can even drive a Tuk Tuk on the Nurburgring – as long as it’s road legal.

Perhaps fortunately at this point, the rumour that there’s an automatic fee applied to every cash for shutting down the track is false. It all depends on the situation, and usually takes more than just one isolated crash to shut down the entire track.

By Car Throttle’s estimates, you’ll be paying approximately 3,000 Euros (RM14,171) for a medium to severe crash on the ‘Ring. And that’s before transporting your car to get it fixed – if it’s even worth it at this point.

As much as we hate to say it, we all think that we’re better drivers than we really are. Perhaps it’s best if we keep our Nurburgring dreams to just watching on-board videos done by professional racing drivers.