With the prevalence of the Internet, it’s no secret that car companies are finding it increasingly difficult to contain their secrets.

Today’s hottest news is a case in point; with images and a short clip of the all-new Toyota Harrier floating around the Internet. It’s just human behaviour I suppose – the more you forbid them to do something, the more they want to do it. How most Malaysians have behaved, especially in the earlier stages of the MCO is one such example.

For now, there’s really no point speculating when it would arrive in Malaysia and what it would be equipped with, because we’re not even certain if humanity can exist beyond this year so let’s talk about what we can see at the moment.

Don’t know about you, but the front end of the Harrier does look a fair bit like the Toyota Crown, although it’s grille isn’t as large and doesn’t drop as low as the Crown. As for the headlights, now this is going to trigger a lot of Toyota fanboys as personally, even I think it’s offensive but don’t you think it looks like the sleeker version of the Geely Binyue’s (a.k.a Proton X50) head lights?

Sorry if you can’t unsee it.

And then you a rear three quarter angle that immediately made me think of the Jaguar F-Pace, while the tail lights which stretches across the entire tailgate, whispers “992 Porsche 911” and the “Lexus UX” to me.

There’s more. Notice how the edges of the tail lights protrude out of the body much like the Lexus UX we tested recently? In the UX, not only are the tail lights look like sculptured, they also serve as spoilers/rear wing – to increase the crossover’s downforce.

We can only hope it serves the same purpose for the Harrier. For now, we’ll leave you with the review of the previous generation that has for so long been coveted by so many that UMW Toyota finally decided to bring some in themselves.