Most people don’t think about their windscsreen wipers – it’s only when they start to make screeching noises that we think about replacing them. However, they are actually a fairly vital safety equipment to ensure we have a clear vision during rainy days.

We recently had the chance to check out some Hella Cleantech wipers. Let Lionel and Han Li tell you what’s special about them in the video below:

The Hella Cleantech wipers come in a flat blade design, which ensures compatibility with most windscreens. The slight curvature also improves aerodynamic performance of the wiper, ensuring even distribution of force across the windscreen.

The rubber blades on the Cleantech wipers also come with a graphite coating, ensuring longer-lastingwiping performance.

The Hella Cleantech wipers comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 14 to 28 inches. The multi-adapter system also ensures compatibility with most cars on our market, and ensure easy wiper change.

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